Are you unable to sync?


Is your app crashing?

These two symptoms are typically caused by completely different problems.

Sync before using the app and after, whenever possible. This prevents most potential problems students experience.

There is a good chance your issue has already been resolved in a more recent version of the app (keep reading before updating!).

Do not update software with unsynced data (if your recent records are not on the website yet), just in case something goes wrong and you need to reinstall the app. If you delete the app with unsynced data, that data cannot be recovered.

  • You can turn off automatic updates for both the device software and your apps.
  • If there is a problem syncing, and you can find all your recent data on the website, just delete and reinstall the app.
  • If you have unsynced data but can't sync, there is a way to "Upload Database", but do not delete the app before getting advice from CompTracker Support.

If your app crashes, you should find a Send Crash Report button on the login screen. They should be sent every time the button appears, if possible. Any information you can include may help us reproduce and resolve the issue.