Trouble getting our attention? We might be tied up in a call, training session or meeting, or just trying to wrap something up. Most people prefer emailing. If you call and leave a voice message, a support ticket will be automatically created for us to find.

You might be surprised how quickly we tend to respond on our Facebook page, even outside of support hours! Like it for the updates, use it for the support.

Our regular support hours are on the public website:

Email us


  • North America: 1-866-432-3280 ext. 0
  • Australia: 1800 024483


Please include as many details as possible.  Some things we tend to ask for include:

  • The email address we likely have on your CompTracker account
  • Your full name and a telephone number you can be reached at
  • The student's institution/school, and program (name of hospital, clinic, station, city is NOT as helpful as the student's school/program)
  • A detailed description of your issue, including device/browser, name of student and record IDs, etc.

If you're not being helped by a person within two business days, you may wish to report it to your program administration.